God’s Perfect Timing

So I have a mega update for everyone, I haven’t blogged in a while so it probably isn’t surprising. For the last few months we have been working on our market ministry in Accra. There are about four girls who we regularly work with between the ages of 16-18. When we first met them, two of them were pregnant, since then the other two have become pregnant. The market is not an easy place to live, they sleep outside of shops on the ground, don’t get regular meals, and are subjected to physical and sexual abuse. For a long time I felt like God was placing on my heart to work with girls and I wanted to have a girls home here in Ghana. As of about a month ago, God’s plan is unfolding. After one night in the market when we witnessed one of the girls’ boyfriends beating her, God was telling me it was time. I couldn’t wait for everything to be perfect for me, God’s timing is already perfect. So with the support of Feeding the Orphans I will be taking in a couple girls. I hope to share with them the never ending love of our Savior and guide them into a good and moral life. I am blessed to have Kate, the other volunteer at GMI, to help me transition and support me for a few months. I know that I cannot do this by myself, nor do I want to. Not everyone has the opportunity to leave everything behind and serve in Ghana, but I want to invite you all to join in this mission. I will be going back to America for the month of December to spend time with family and hopefully get to personally speak to a few of you and share with you the beautiful plan God has for these girls. This won’t be easy, but we know that with God, all things are possible!The girls have given me permission to share their personal stories with you, so I will introduce you to them very soon! If you want to help us on this mission, any donation is a blessing. You can donate to Feeding the Orphans, just write “market girls” in subject.

From Ghana With Love,



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