Praise the LORD. Give thanks to the LORD, for He is good; His love endures forever. – Psalm 106:1

“Give thanks to the Lord, for He is good..” Too often I find myself only giving thanks to the Lord when that “big thing” happens. 

ImageI forget sometimes to give Him thanks in all things. If we lose power I thank Him when the power returns, but I forget to thank Him in the darkness for blessing us with electricity at all. I thank Him when the water is flowing from the tap, but I forget to thank Him when there is no water, for simply blessing me with life.

Thanksgiving was the theme of the weekend in Ningo where we were doing an outreach with the Beebe’s. The day started with singing and prayers in Palace Chapel, and then it was time to go outand “Save a SinkingSoul”. That was the title of the event. So, in small groupswe went out and tried to show the love of Jesus to anyone we met. Some people declined our invitations to come to the church, while others continued to follow us. When we came back to the church, it was packed! There wereat least 300 people there, probably more, mostly children. Right away Reid Beebe got up to speak to the non-


believers who had joined us and invited them to give their lives to Christ. There were about four women whom I saw raise their hands and begin their journey into Christ’s love.

After the Lord won new believers for His kingdom, we began to hand out books for school, uniforms, shoes, clothes, and food. I wish I could explain to you the feeling you get when giving a child a new piece of clothing. ONE piece of clothing, and they were so happy, so grateful. And the only way I can describe the feeling is that it’s somewhere mixed in between joy and a sickness in your stomach. The joy comes from the gratifying feeling of truly clothing the naked, answering the call, going out and making disciples. But the sickness, it almost overwhelms that. We are giving them one new thing, maybe some shoes, and some books for Imageschool, while I can honestly say that I probably have more clothes here in Africa then some of the entire families that were there. Granted many things have been left by fellow missionaries for me, but really I brought maybe a third of or less of my clothes with me. All I can thing about as I am giving them clothes, is how much I have. How much is sitting in my closet in America, and how much I have here in Ghana. Don’t get me wrong, I am truly thankful for all the things that have been left and brought for me here in Ghana. But it weighs on you a little bit, there’s no way of getting around it.


I have been blessed to see many souls get saved here in Ghana, so I will ask you to pray for the new believers. That they will be given the true picture of what it means to be a Christian, that it is a 


battle. That their faith will be tested and grow stronger, they will endure persecution, they will go and make disciples, and they will find peace in God’s unfailing love.


With Love From Ghana,


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  1. lola said:

    Beautiful Meagan, I love you! Keep on Lola

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