Dear Kate,

I have been blessed by many people in my life, but none quite like you. You jumped on board when this twenty-one year old felt called to have a girls home. You even missed your Christmas in America so that I could have mine. I don’t know how to fully put into words all of the ways that you have blessed me. I can always count on you when I need someone to daydream about food with, complain to, or just chat. You are special, I know that sounds super cheesy, but you are. Life truly won’t be the same without you here. People keep telling me to get another long term volunteer to come stay at The Grace House, but I don’t know how I would get along with anyone as well as I get along with you. You ending up at GMI at the same time as me, was truly a God thing. I know you don’t believe me when I tell you how hard it will be for me when you’re gone, but there’s nothing quite like having someone around who understands you. Understands your English, your jokes, your food! Thank you for being amazing, for listening to our God when he called you to stay, and for being an absolutely lovely friend. This really doesn’t do you any justice, you have blessed me way more than I could ever write. All I can say, is thank you.





Gloria and Lucy on the first night I met them in the market.

It’s a hard thing, explaining to people what a “market girl” is. Especially to those people who have not experienced a real market here in Ghana. It’s a sub-culture, another world, a place you wouldn’t let your children go alone. Yet I see them, these little helpless girls and boys. Some of them wandering as their mother sells, others, have ran there seeking a place to belong. It’s an “every man for himself” kind of place, only the strongest will survive. Because of this, the weakest of them, the young children and women, become hard. Their thoughts are devoted to where they can hide the only money they have so no one will steal it, which pack of girls to sleep next to so they aren’t molested at night, and how to pay for hospital visits to check the baby growing in their belly. Their words become harsher, they spout curses at the drop of a hat, their children don’t receive a loving or affectionate tone, and speaking with kindness becomes a foreign language. Most of these women are not old, in fact, they are barely grown. Yet they are forced to grow up fast in this world of stealing, fighting, sex, and drugs. 


You can imagine the type of person this creates. A girl who listens to no authority, doesn’t trust anyone, takes what she can get her hands on, uses lies and manipulation to get what she wants, spits words like fire, and is fully capable of using her fists. 

Now you may be wondering why I would willingly go to these markets and bring these Imagegirls into my home. I know, that God is sovereign over all things, He is sovereign over which girls come to the house, which girls hear His message, and which girl’s life is changed. This does not mean it is easy. But I know that under that hard outer shell, inside that hardened heart, and creeping through that harsh tone, is the daughter of a king, THE ONE TRUE KING to be exact. This place is hard to access, and does not come without time, headaches, and unconditional love. But to watch Jesus save a life, to reach those places, it is worth every heart ache. Some girls aren’t ready, their market lifestyle is to far ingrained in them, woven into the fibers of their being. It is too much for them to be in a place of peace, no fighting, no struggling, no lying, no conflict. 


This was the case for our sweet Gloria. Seventeen years old and six months pregnant; shaped by years of running to the market instead of school, following an abusive boyfriend, and creating a mask of manipulation and lies. She couldn’t handle this new environment, so she left. Not only did she leave this house, but she left her best friend, Lucy. God planted seeds in both girls, however sometimes it takes longer for some seeds to be able to grow roots. Gloria’s seeds are planted, it may take years for them to make it past that hard stone, but they will someday take root. As for Lucy, God has blessed us by letting us watch as those seeds take root, and even begin to grow. So not every girl who comes to this home will make it. But I serve a sovereign God, whose plans for His children far exceed any which I could dream up. So I will keep my eyes focused on Him, listening to His calls, waiting for Him to show me the next heart which needs to be cultivated.

I feel like this is the thought I have on most days, as I am trying to deal with teenage girls who ignore me, talk about me in a language I can’t understand, and disobey me. Don’t get me wrong, it isn’t always this way. Sometimes the girls make me laugh, they help me, they surprise me, and they show love. Most of the time I don’t know what I am doing or what to do next. But the Lord is teaching me, and growing me, and moving in me.

We have been in our new home for two weeks now, and I would love to thank everyone who has supported us with everything! It is truly amazing the difference between the life they were living just a short time ago and now. The place we live was truly God ordained, it is perfect and the people here are lovely, even with what very little they have. It is much poorer than where we were living in Accra and there are many people who need help, so of course, I think this is the perfect place for a missionary to be. This past week I was blessed to be baptized in the ocean near our home. Mr. Reid Beebe baptized me while Robin, Kristie, Sydney, Kate, and my girls supported me from the beach. It was a beautiful experience and I was so grateful to be able to start this new chapter of my life with so much grace and love.

However, I am afraid the honeymoon didn’t last long! In my last blogpost, which is on the FTO blog, I remember saying that I was afraid. To be honest with you I still am. I’m afraid that I am doing a terrible job, that this is all going to fall apart, that these girls won’t be effected at all. Honestly I could probably go on for a whole book about how I feel completely inadequate for this job. But as I see Lucy carry her Bible from room to room, I know that if nothing else, I can help grow their relationship with Christ. These girls have come here with hard hearts, rough language, rude behavior, and harsh instincts. But God didn’t ask me to go out and find the most perfectly mannered, open hearted, Christ loving girls I could find. He asked me to go out and find the broken, the lost, the needy, and help them. Just do it.

Robin read Psalm 51 at my baptism, and I have to say I thought it was perfect. If you don’t know it, it talks about how “God I am sinner, I have sinned against you, I am sorry. Make me clean, make me whiter than snow. I was rebellious but now I will teach the rebellious your ways and sinners will return to you.” (not a direct quote) I was in such a different place, not long ago. I was rebelling, turning away from God, and I was getting lost. So, God knows that I am weak, I’m not strong enough to do any of this, except by his strength. And no matter how much I tell myself that I am not adequate for this job, it is not true. God has made me perfectly adequate for this, and he is continuously giving me everything I need. I thank God that he is sovereign over my life, nothing happens which he does not allow to happen. I continue to remind myself of this truth, and it makes it easier when he is teaching me and growing me in things that are hard.

Thank you all for the love which you have bestowed upon The Grace House. It is amazing to see what Christ’s Body can do when we listen to Him.

So I have a mega update for everyone, I haven’t blogged in a while so it probably isn’t surprising. For the last few months we have been working on our market ministry in Accra. There are about four girls who we regularly work with between the ages of 16-18. When we first met them, two of them were pregnant, since then the other two have become pregnant. The market is not an easy place to live, they sleep outside of shops on the ground, don’t get regular meals, and are subjected to physical and sexual abuse. For a long time I felt like God was placing on my heart to work with girls and I wanted to have a girls home here in Ghana. As of about a month ago, God’s plan is unfolding. After one night in the market when we witnessed one of the girls’ boyfriends beating her, God was telling me it was time. I couldn’t wait for everything to be perfect for me, God’s timing is already perfect. So with the support of Feeding the Orphans I will be taking in a couple girls. I hope to share with them the never ending love of our Savior and guide them into a good and moral life. I am blessed to have Kate, the other volunteer at GMI, to help me transition and support me for a few months. I know that I cannot do this by myself, nor do I want to. Not everyone has the opportunity to leave everything behind and serve in Ghana, but I want to invite you all to join in this mission. I will be going back to America for the month of December to spend time with family and hopefully get to personally speak to a few of you and share with you the beautiful plan God has for these girls. This won’t be easy, but we know that with God, all things are possible!The girls have given me permission to share their personal stories with you, so I will introduce you to them very soon! If you want to help us on this mission, any donation is a blessing. You can donate to Feeding the Orphans, just write “market girls” in subject.

From Ghana With Love,



“Give thanks to the Lord, for He is good..” Too often I find myself only giving thanks to the Lord when that “big thing” happens. 

ImageI forget sometimes to give Him thanks in all things. If we lose power I thank Him when the power returns, but I forget to thank Him in the darkness for blessing us with electricity at all. I thank Him when the water is flowing from the tap, but I forget to thank Him when there is no water, for simply blessing me with life.

Thanksgiving was the theme of the weekend in Ningo where we were doing an outreach with the Beebe’s. The day started with singing and prayers in Palace Chapel, and then it was time to go outand “Save a SinkingSoul”. That was the title of the event. So, in small groupswe went out and tried to show the love of Jesus to anyone we met. Some people declined our invitations to come to the church, while others continued to follow us. When we came back to the church, it was packed! There wereat least 300 people there, probably more, mostly children. Right away Reid Beebe got up to speak to the non-


believers who had joined us and invited them to give their lives to Christ. There were about four women whom I saw raise their hands and begin their journey into Christ’s love.

After the Lord won new believers for His kingdom, we began to hand out books for school, uniforms, shoes, clothes, and food. I wish I could explain to you the feeling you get when giving a child a new piece of clothing. ONE piece of clothing, and they were so happy, so grateful. And the only way I can describe the feeling is that it’s somewhere mixed in between joy and a sickness in your stomach. The joy comes from the gratifying feeling of truly clothing the naked, answering the call, going out and making disciples. But the sickness, it almost overwhelms that. We are giving them one new thing, maybe some shoes, and some books for Imageschool, while I can honestly say that I probably have more clothes here in Africa then some of the entire families that were there. Granted many things have been left by fellow missionaries for me, but really I brought maybe a third of or less of my clothes with me. All I can thing about as I am giving them clothes, is how much I have. How much is sitting in my closet in America, and how much I have here in Ghana. Don’t get me wrong, I am truly thankful for all the things that have been left and brought for me here in Ghana. But it weighs on you a little bit, there’s no way of getting around it.


I have been blessed to see many souls get saved here in Ghana, so I will ask you to pray for the new believers. That they will be given the true picture of what it means to be a Christian, that it is a 


battle. That their faith will be tested and grow stronger, they will endure persecution, they will go and make disciples, and they will find peace in God’s unfailing love.


With Love From Ghana,